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Strict regulations exist around keeping potentially hazardous food at specific temperatures for any business that sells food to the public.

Founded in 2012, CCP Technologies uses Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to continuously monitor a wide range of ‘critical control points’. Used in the food industry, CCP monitors: refrigeration, temperature, humidity and movement (for example, door open/close), gas and acidity.

CCP Technologies looks to empower businesses to make better commercial decisions through their low-cost Internet of Things solution. Not only can the sensors send alerts when there is a refrigeration failure, but it can also save on energy bills by picking up on when refrigeration temperatures are out of standard tolerances.

The sensors use Wi-Fi and Sigfox, a global telecommunications company specialising in providing networks for the Internet of Things.

CCP operates in Australia, India, North America and has just launched in Singapore.

Their customers range from butchers and cafes  in the Wollongong region to large hotel chains, Meal on Wheels, supermarkets, convenience stores and even a casino in Las Vegas.

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