Liverpool Smart Pedestrian Project


Thousands of people already walk and commute through Liverpool CBD every day, but the expanding University of Wollongong campus is expected to bring 7,000 extra students to the city. This, coupled with the city’s growth due to housing and office space is anticipated to deliver 30,000 extra pedestrian movements per day.

Add to this up to 2,500 students about to be enrolled in the new Western Sydney University campus and the increase in the city centre population, means that data is urgently needed to support the cities' planning needs.

SMART Infrastructure researchers will develop a solution using machine learning to count people and cars at key location using IoT technologies.

Digital Living Lab collaborator, Meshed will be installing LoRaWAN gateways throughout Liverpool CBD with SMART researchers installing counters and air quality sensors throughout the area.

7 News Sydney, 26 April 2018

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