The University of Wollongong (UOW) is leading the Digital Revolution in the Illawarra/Shoalhaven with the creation of the Digital Living Lab

Together with the SMART Infrastructure Facility, UOW has deployed a radio communication network across the region using LoRaWAN technology with other technologies joining the digital revolution.

This free to air Internet of Things (IoT) network transports data from sensors to the user using a number of gateways. As with other LPWAN, key features for the network are its long range, low power and cost effective technology.

Through the ideas of Share, Enable and Create, the Digital Living Lab is facilitating a smart city solution, improving the quality of life for people in our community with coverage for the Illawarra extending from the Northern Suburbs to Lake Illawarra.

The Digital Living Lab gateways are located at:

  • - The University of Wollongong Innovation Campus, SBRC
  • - Mt Warrigal, Warrigal Care
  • - Mt Keira, Telecom tower
  • - Port Kembla, Hill 60 Marine rescue
  • - Farmborough Heights, Rural Fire Service Station
  • - Brokers Nose

Brokers Nose Gateway

Sydney Water has also installed gateways for an expanded coverage network in the Illawarra. These are located at:

  • - Figtree Reservoir
    - Cringilla Reservoir
    - Yallah Reservoir


Recognising the need for a dedicated and interactive research space for smart sensing and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, the SMART IoT Hub was established. This hacking space is open to the whole community including entrepreneurs, researchers, students, starts ups and small business. Thinxtra provides Sigfox technology for the hub with IoT development kits available. The Hub is building a community of technology enthusiasts and developers who are creating an open collaboration network for ideas and new technologies. The Hub's motto is:

‘Build it! Hack it! Share it!’





UOW has deployed a radio communication network across the region using LoRaWAN technology with other technologies joining the digital revolution. Partnering with The Things Network, a global and community based initiative, the Digital Living Lab provides an open and free-to-air platform for the Illawarra/Shoalhaven community. This open network enables individuals, community groups, business, IT developers, researchers and students to develop solutions that can improve the efficiency of services and liveability of the region.







The Digital Living Lab provides a test bed for new IoT technologies, such as sensors to monitor the environment or assets in real time, and will give rise to smart solutions for challenges facing the Illawarra/Shoalhaven community. The SMART Infrastructure Facility, in collaboration with regional partners, facilitates high impact community projects that address health, safety and environmental issues across the region. The SMART Infrastructure Facility is working with startups, local councils, aged care providers, school and community groups to develop and deliver projects that will enhance the community, provide people centric solutions and make the Illawarra/Shoalhaven a smart region. 


Digital Living Lab Launch

The Digital Living Lab was launched at the SMART Infrastructure Facility in May 2017.

SMART aims to contribute to next generation infrastructure and smart city solutions, with a strong focus on innovative research, community engagement and service delivery.

SMART brings together experts from fields such as transport, water, energy, economics and modelling and simulation and provides a state-of-the-art facility to support this important research.

Alongside UOW’s iAccelerate, a business incubator program, SMART intends to attract additional talented entrepreneurs and innovative IoT startups to the region as part of the Digital Living Lab. SMART has also opened the SMART IoT Hub which allows researchers, students, schools, community members or associations to develop their own community IoT projects.