Building Energy Monitoring


The Building Energy Monitoring Project will develop a wireless sensor network to monitor the environmental conditions within a building such as temperature and occupancy, as well as develop a web-based platform for building control and analytics.

The multi-protocol building sensor system will incorporate algorithms that detect occupancy through image recognition; that forecasts room temperatures through analysis of historical temperature, outdoor temperature, solar radiation and HVAC power delivered; and a vibration sensor prototype that detects early abnormalities in moving parts such as fan motors.

The team is lead by Dr Rohan Wickramasuriya. Funding partners are Grosvenor Engineering Group, Enviro Building Services and the NSW Government (through the Department of Industry).


Lei Wang Associate Professor, School of Computing & Information Technology (SCIT)

Massimo Fiorentini Research Fellow, Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC)

Johan Barthelemy Research Fellow, SMART Infrastructure Facility

Mehrdad Amirghasemi, Associate Fellow, SMART Infrastructure Facility

Federico Tartarini Research Fellow, Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC)

Pouya Ghadimi Optimisation Engineer, Grovesnor engineering group

Christopher Andronikos Building Optimisation Engineer, Grovesnor engineering group

Aidan Pickard, Enviro services

Matthew Cochrane, Enviro services

Grant Campbell Project Coordinator, SMART Infrastructure Facility


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