Liverpool Smart Pedestrian


The Liverpool Smart Pedestrian project is a research collaboration between SMART, Liverpool City Council and Industry partners.

The project will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of, and access to a range of state and local government services & facilities by significantly adding value to the new Liverpool Civic Place project at the southern end of Liverpool’s CBD.

Previously, Liverpool City Council did not have data on existing pedestrian movements or behaviour as the baseline to design the future management of movement. This project seeks to take the smart city initiative to a new level of technology by monitoring pedestrian and vehicle movement without any compromise to the privacy of the people of Liverpool.

SMART researchers have developed a solution using machine learning to count people and cars at key locations using IoT technologies with this ground-breaking initiative revolutionising urban design and traffic management for the city. This first of its kind, innovative, smart technology and open data for real time measurement of pedestrian behaviour movements, which will guide smart planning for the pedestrian movements, the active and public transport options and the safety of students, workers and other pedestrians.

Patterns of movements and points of congestion will be identified before they occur and solutions, such as through the design of improved street and footpath layout connectivity, traffic management and guided pathways.

Liverpool Smart Pedestrian Sensor
Tracking in Vietnam

7 News Sydney, 26 April 2018

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