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One of the great selling points of the Digital Living Lab is sensors that are cheap, powerful and take very little battery power.

Morse Micro is a semiconductor company that is developing Wi-Fi HaLow chips for the Internet of Things. Morse chips are five times smaller and cheaper, have ten times the range and use two hundred times less power than conventional Wi-Fi chips.

They offer a range of a kilometre, have power so low that a single coin cell battery can power a device for many years, and offer secure communication from the start.

Every Morse device gets an IP address to connect directly to the internet. No hubs, bridges or phone apps are required.

The company was founded by Andrew Terry and Michael De Nil, both veteran designers, who led the development of the Wi-Fi chips found in virtually all iPhone and Galaxy phones on the planet.

The company has teamed up with the Digital Living Lab as an obvious collaboration of benefit to both parties.

Morse Micro can take advantage of the research and projects provided by the Digital Living Lab, while sensors used by the projects can use the superior technology offered by the company.

Project Contacts


Andrew Terry - Morse Micro Co-Founder & RF IC Design Engineer
Michael De Nil - Morse Micro Co-Founder & Digital IC Design Engineer
Benoit Passot - SMART IoT Initiatives Coordinator


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