Smart and Safe Campus


In emergency situations, fast response times and adequate emergency facilities are critical in minimizing injury and death, as well as damage to property.

Complex site layouts, unknown environments and transient emergency response teams can magnify the difficulty of effective emergency response.

The Smart and Safe Campus aims to provide the campus with the latest internet-enabled technology to provide relevant information on safety equipment and safety hazards.

The app will be used by emergency services, insurance companies, and OH&S to locate items such as fire hydrants, first aid kits, defibrillators, gas and chemical storage facilities, toxic storage and flammables.

Project partner Safety Compass provide proprietary technology, which includes a mobile application, with the ability to dynamically spot site hazards and safety equipment

The project will integrate Internet of Things beacons to provide crucial information such as geo-location, maintenance information and types of toxic products and flammable materials.

Augmented Reality technology will provide emergency crews and first responders with crucial information as soon as they arrive at the site of an intervention.

The campus will be a demonstration site for emergency services and other organisations to experience the benefits of the Internet of Things. The offering will be progressively be made available across the nation.

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