3D Smart Sensing Model


The 3D Smart Sensing Model is a result of a collaboration between the SMART Infrastructure Facility, Nube iO and Devika.

This application through smart sensing and 3D modelling allows for variables such as temperature and motion to be viewed in real time through a 3D virtual model of the SMART Infrastructure Building utilising IoT technology. This sensing technology is available to a wide range of possible clients looking to monitor and evaluate variables within any given structure.

Nube iO has installed 120 Nube iO smart sensors, one in each room or laboratory in the SMART Infrastructure Facility which monitor in real time, temperature, humidity, light and motion. Nube IO specialise in smart technologies and software aimed at monitoring indoor environmental conditions and optimising energy usage.

Devika, who specialise in virtual and augmented reality creations with a special focus on educational applications has developed a 3D model allowing users to interact and explore the virtual environment and view the results from the smart sensors and their actual data in real time.

A visual of this 3D smart sensing model can be seen here:

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