Binary Beer


Binary Beer’s smart kegs are among the first projects to use the Digital Living Lab and have the aim that there will never again be a pub without beer. The aim is to monitor the quality and location of beer and the reliable flow.

It is the brainchild of Michael Burton, a University of Wollongong graduate in electronics and computer science.

The project is already attracting intense interest from some of the world’s biggest brewers and is the first to measure location, temperature and how full the keg is.

Each smart keg is fitted with a durable sensor that includes an innovative audio transducer on the keg.

The use of LoRaWAN technology in the Digital Living Lab is ideal for this project, because the data does not require large amounts of bandwidth. If you wanted to use the existing cellular network, then each keg would require a SIM card, and it would quickly become unworkable for large systems of up to 1,000,000 kegs.

Binary Beer was named one of Australia’s top 10 start-ups in 2016, and recently named one of Australia’s top 17 projects for the Internet of Things.


Project Contacts


Michael Burton - Binary Beer CEO
Matthew Berryman - SMART IT Architect
Johan Barthelemy - SMART Associate Research Fellow
Benoit Passot - SMART IoT Initiatives Coordinator
James Rule, Jordan Wade, Benjamin Wardrop, Ethan-Rourke Dunne & Darcy Butler - UOW EIS Students

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